What is Ketofiedmovement?

Ketofiedmovement is aiming to educate and raise awareness of the ketogenic diet & lifestyle mainly in Saudi Arabia. It provides the latest scientific information of how a high-fat low carb diet can alter and improve your mental, emotional & physiological health for good. Our aim is to change the food guidelines in Saudi Arabia by making healthier lifestyle changes through the ketogenic approach.

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  • Lifestyle Benefits

  • Intellectual

    Fat is filling, and instantly lights up your brain’s reward centers. Given the right type of fats, your cognitive function, memory and mental clarity significantly improve while on a Keto diet. The ketogenic lifestyle enhances brain health and promotes brain function improvement. It also helps improve verbal memory performance.


    The ketogenic diet offers numerous beneficial effects on your health markers. It significantly reduced body weight and body mass index of individuals. Furthermore, it decreases the level of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and blood glucose, and helps increase HDL cholesterol. It also has a great impact on blood glucose levels.


    The standard high carbohydrates diet is deficient in many areas, including the very important essential fatty acids. This is detrimental to health because we need these for the body and brain to function properly. Most of our brain tissue is made up of fatty acids, so it makes sense that they would be vital for not only the overall health of the brain but also its important functions like learning and sensory execution.


    Once you embrace the ketogenic lifestyle, your social interaction with people, colleagues and loved ones does change. By changing the way you eat, you start building healthier and more supportive relationships around you as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you. Time and time again, research has proven that what you eat plays a vital role in depression, anxiety, stress levels and your overall connection with people.

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